What I Ate This Week (10/26 – 11/1/2017)

This week started off in St. Louis (my hometown) and yesterday getting back to healthy was my goal. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I get


Sourdough lost bread with stewed apples, blueberries and pepitas


1/2 an English muffin topped with cheese and jam, and frozen custard with cinnamon and pecans – crazy breakfast, but it kept me full until dinner

Almond butter and jelly sandwich, Larabar and Laughing Cow cheese wedge – Train breakfast

Green juice and rum raisin oatmeal


1/2 Mom’s Special from Mom’s Deli – This is my favorite thing to eat. I love a lot of different things, but this sandwich tops everything for me. I not only tastes good, but it was always around during the highlights of my early childhood.


Pretzels with Laughing cow cheese, spicy chicken, tomato and frozen custard with cinnamon and pepitas – it is quite common when I eat at my Mom’s house to have random leftovers until you feel satiated.

Veggie sandwich – inspired by my recent time in California.



Cheddar jalapeño black bean burger at Fritas


Butternut squash fritters with cottage cheese – My mom found a recipe online and I made it for her. The recipe was not the clearest so they came out ok.

Imo’s veggie pizza

Leftover soup with pita


Butter chicken


Grandma cake – my grandma makes a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for each of our birthdays that makes you feel loved when you eat it.

Jackfruit snow with boba from St. Louis Bubble Tea


Crackers with tomato and braunschweiger

Way too much Halloween candy…

Apple slices with peanut butter and cacao nibs

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