What I Ate This Week (10/19 – 10/25/2017)

I spent 2 days in San Francisco, CA,  attended a conference in San Jose, CA and then flew to my hometown (St. Louis, MO) for my Mom’s birthday. This week was healthy and not healthy…


Random scone and yogurt – free breakfast at the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco

Dim Sum – since I was so close to Chinatown town I picked up some dim sum one morning.


Conference breakfast – they provided free breakfast only one morning. I had a lot of fruit, scrambled eggs and “roasted potatoes” (it lacked potatoes and was mushy, but still tasty).


Dinner/lunch leftovers and an apple – after the first day of the conference, this is what I ate each morning.

1/3 spinach and red pepper omelet, 1 slice turkey bacon, 2 small slices sourdough baguette and blueberries – the birthday breakfast I prepared for my Mom.


Ramen and karaage – I love when I can get more than sushi and teriyaki at a Japanese restaurant, I went a little crazy in California.

Berkley bowl from The Grove – I use to attend a conference in San Francisco every year while in graduate school and The Grove was my favorite stop. They have fresh and delicious fare.


Conference food – Free lunch just cannot be passes up.


Buddha buns and a Gose beer from Good Kharma artisan ales and cafe


Apple mojito juice and Luna salad from Vitamina


Corn dog and 1/2 chili fries from Woofies – my Mom’s birthday lunch of choice.



Random baked goods, an apple and ice cream – last night in San Francisco and I was really tired, so I ate a lot of random stuff.

Dosa and paneer pakoda from Chennai Kings Express


Free conference dinners – I did not get any shots of the conference party food, mainly because I was so anxious with how crowded it was and having to network while eating and drinking a beer.


Takoyaki, 1/2 a small order of gyudon and 1/2 a small order of curry don from Kumako Ramen – again, I just can not find Japanese food like this at home! Must eat all the good food!!!!!

California Veggie sandwich from Boudin at SFO, an apple and United pretzels


Pick 2 at Red Lobster (Shrimp scampi and cajun chicken alfredo)



Fruit – Apples and dates


Trail mix

Pretzel – more free conference food


1 slice of grandma cake and 2 scoops Ted Drewes frozen custard




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