What I Ate This Week (10/12 – 10/18/2017)

And I am off! I left on my long trip yesterday, so you will get a sneak peak on my activities and food 🙂 I am getting better about not letting my anxiety lead me to food. I have been trying to keep myself busy instead by going to get the mail, cleaning or playing a game with my partner. With this trip I should have plenty to do to keep my mind off food, I mean I did walk 7+ miles the first day.


Mango ginger kale smoothie + Bailey’s oats – Made plenty last week to have for this week too.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts – This is not a healthy tradition, but my partner and I go to Krispy Kreme once a year in October for Halloween themed donuts. I love Halloween and for me hot Krispy Kreme original glazed is a treat. And saying it is something special for October helps us not over indulge.


Gala apples and Larabar – Travel breakfast!



Green beans and Verisoy pork

Coconut Red Lentil Soup (Soup and Bread cookbook pg 145) with pita – Soup and Bread is one of my favorite cookbooks and I only got it in March. Every recipe I have tried so far is amazing!

Quinoa stuffing with Mushroom gravy and Soft-boiled egg + Maple spiced beets, carrots and squash with nuts – I used only leftovers and what I already had on hand to make this filling lunch.


Bread with stuff on it – I walked 7+ miles my first day in San Francisco, so you can say I carbed up.



Grilled cheese with spinach and artichoke dip and tomato soup

Acorn squash with Quinoa stuffing with Mushroom gravy

Oktoberfest dinner out – I got the sampler plate and a beer. I had the sausages another night for dinner.



Coconut Red Lentil Soup (Soup and Bread cookbook pg 145) with pita

Free taco dinner




Chocolate – It is life.


Apple with homemade cacao almond butter


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