Active Rest

When I first started working out seriously I was following Tone It Up on YouTube (TIU). TIU introduced me to the term active rest. Active rest means you are not doing activities to workout or stay in shape, you are doing them to enjoy the day or in doing your daily tasks.

I have been trying include active rest daily, like walking  to get the mail or explore around campus before my partner breaks for the day. I also love to be a tourist in my own city by walking everywhere to take beautiful pictures or see our town from different perspectives.

Not working out routinely is starting to get to me. I feel stressed, lethargic and emotional from sitting around more. I really miss all my activities. Sure I go for walks a few times a week to explore and do something, but seeing all the folks running along the river path across the street from our place makes me just to change into my compression leggings, slip into my running shoes and get running on that path again.

This itch to feel that runner’s high or even to lift weights again has me feeling a little down, more than the weight gain itself. Being active is very important to my mental state, so I have been prioritizing yoga and getting out of the apartment. I am resting to heal my hormones and staying active any way possible to provide a boost to my mental health.

Later this month I will be off on another trip for work and to spend time with family. I am planning out my adventures and hoping to stay on track with eating well while enjoying some of the fabulous foods these cities have to offer. I am also really looking forward to fun times and activities with my family. Thankfully my intrepid spirit was inherited! This trip should be uplifting for my current state of mind.

I can not wait to share my adventures! What active rest have you been up to or have planned for this Fall?

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