What I Ate This Week (9/28 – 10/4/2017)

This week I had a day trip to Chicago and went to visit my cousin in Cincinnati. Loads of fun and good food!


Popcorn chips with chia seeds, flax seeds, whole quinoa and sunflower seeds from Trader Joe’s – Not the breakfast of champions, but things just worked out this way two days in a row.

Samples at Jungle Jims – I was not hungry until we got there and boy did they have some great samples 🙂

Fruit, Scrambled eggs and 1/2 a Blue Oven bakery croissant

Spiced orange chia seed pudding with Mango ginger kale smoothie



Barley salad and RXbar – I finished off that rubbish salad from the test recipe and had a Pineapple Mango RXbar.

Pear, Walnut and Blue cheese salad


Pulled pork, Cheddar jalapeno grits, Mac and cheese and chips – My cousin too me to Eli’s BBQ in Cincinnati after we picked up the chips at Jungle Jim’s 🙂 We shared the sides and chips.


Cinnamon peanut butter sweet potato mash and Lime Watermelon SCOBY smoothie – I have been craving sweet things lately and with what I had on hand this tackled that perfectly.



Sesame Kale Macro bowl and Thai Chili Brussels Sprouts from Native Foods – Highly recommend these 2 items. Though I should have only ate half of the bowl because eating both of these made me stuffed, uncomfortable so.


Spicy Hairy arepa from Empanadas Aqui – They were at the Art After Dark event at the Cincinnati Art Museum on Friday night.

Veggie pasta and watermelon


Bet It All On Black Garlic burger – first night we split a regular size 4 way Skyline chili on the side and the second night we had it with baked fries to use up the last of the gold potatoes.


C&D Noodles with edamame – I make these with soba noodles since black bean noodles cost more and are harder to find in my area.



Cookies – I was in a meeting where someone bought me cookies… so I ate them. They were turtle cookies and delicious, but I should have politely declined. I am going to try my best to not eat sweets like this the rest of the week at least.

Beer – While in Cincinnati I enjoyed some local beer and cider from Rhinegeist


Pina Colada Dole Whip – just 2 or so cups frozen pineapple, 2 fl oz coconut rum and 2 fl oz full-fat coconut milk in a food processor blended until smooth.



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