What I Eat in a Week (9/21 – 9/27/2017)

Big news, this gal is in the middle of her first menstrual cycle in 2 years! Success! First time I was this happy to start my menses. Now to keep things as healthy as possible so I can hopefully see a regular cycle and return to doing all the things I love.


Peach zucchini bread and Mango ginger kale smoothie with SCOBY – The same as last week because I really enjoy it and I had all the ingredients.


Edamame mash sandwich – Open faced because the last time I made this all the filling just squished out of it.


Garlic buckwheat noodles with leftover seitan meatballs and a pear with peanut butter – As seen on Instagram, I made this with the leftover garlic sauce from the pizza last week and then the few meatballs I had leftover from our subs this week. Yum!


Grilled cheese and tomato soup – testing out the soup I frozen to have while my in-laws are in town.


Mushroom seitan meatball marinara sandwich – I had been craving a meatball sub since July and had been really wanting to use the vital wheat gluten I picked up to try my hand at making seitan. A lot easier than I thought and my partner did not want to admit how much he liked it.


Leftover Naan bread with salad – I added some mozzarella cheese to the naan and then made a salad from the ingredients I picked up from the farmer’s market for a quick dinner.

IMAG9125     IMAG9123

Southern green beans and Asian fusion Barley salad – The later is another test recipe and it was not loved in this house… I was not sure what to serve with the test recipe, so I tried out another side I thought looked interesting. My partner and I enjoyed the Southern green beans, he especially loved the mushroom bacon.

IMAG9134     IMAG9133


Prunes and other fruit – I had pears and a peach

Silken Tofu Mousse – So much healthier than traditional mousse. I just drained the silken tofu (the more water you can get out of it the better) + cacao powder + stevia/sweetener of choice blended well in my high speed blender.


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