What I Ate This Week (9/14 – 9/20/2017)

Our last day in Austin I know I was getting sick and indeed I became sick. Started feeling back to normal a week after the trip ended. This was relatively healthy, but I have been feeling kind of down from the fact that I have gained back all the weight I lost in 2015. My amazing friends have reminded me that I am beautiful and its a journey.


Peach zucchini bread and mango ginger kale smoothie with SCOBY – I really enjoyed that smoothie before our trip and had the correct ingredients to make it again so I did, but I added some SCOBY to it. My SCOBY had a lot of babies and I really needed to reduce the amount of SCOBY in my kombucha brewing, so I looked up uses for your excess SCOBY and adding it to a smoothie was an option. Done. Breakfast for the week.



Animal Fries – I baked fries without oil on a silicone mat and made vegan nacho cheese.


Chicken broth with Mary’s Gone crackers and Hummus – I was pretty sick after the trip so this was nice for my throat while not horrible for me.

Tomato and Mozzarella flatbread


Vegetarian steamed dumplings with peanut butter cinnamon pear slices

IMAG9095     IMAG9094


BBQ Jackfruit Pizza


Chips, Guac and Vegan nacho cheese – I like to make my own chips by cutting up corn tortillas and baking them. A lot less fat and cheaper than a bag of chips since a pouch of 30 tortillas is 34¢.


Split pea potato curry with homemade Naan – I made the curry in the Instant Pot and may have cooked it too long, but it only affected the texture. It tasted great still.


Chocolate ice cream – because I feel I need to confess to the bad stuff at the beginning. Now that the ice cream is all gone, no more buying clearance ice cream. Yep, you got that right. I kept walking down the ice cream aisle at Meijer and finding Nadamoo, SoDelicious, Jeni’s, Coohaus, etc. on clearance to make room for new flavors or other ice creams and this sucker just went, “When would I ever be able to buy this for $2 ever again!!!” Then proceeded to buy one of each clearance flavor. All the ice cream is out of the freezer now. So that habit must die.

RXbars/Larabars – Hopefully I can stop this dessert habit and save these for road trips and other travel we have planned this Fall.

Fruit – Mango, Pears, Peaches, etc.



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