What I Ate This Week (09/07 – 9/13/2017)

Surprise! I went to Austin, TX! I love Austin and its food so this is about to seem like I am not doing well with the accountability, but I am being honest. I like to enough myself on trips, especially when it comes to food.


Toasted coconut baked oatmeal and 1/2 Mango ginger kale smoothie (9/7-8)

Trail mix (9/9) – raisins and mixed, roasted nuts and seeds

Apple + half a Texas shaped waffle + 3 belVita breakfast biscuits (9/10) – weird hotel breakfast. BTW, belVitas are not a filling breakfast.


Re-Hydrator and Clean and Soba noodle bowl from Juiceland (9/11)


Peachy Green from Juiceland (9/12) – I love this place. Especially the deal you can get with the daily special!



Ratatouille + white rice + carrot cake ice cream (9/7) –  I met up with a college friend who lives near me. Her then boyfriend, now husband is French. Back in college, we would have family style dinners together (some of my most treasured memories of college). He made amazing ratatouille and I felt so blessed to get to enjoy the leftovers with my friend and her girls this day. Then we went out for some ice cream, what else do you do on a day off from school. 🙂

Cucumber and hummus with garlic bread (9/8)

Chips and Salsa + 1/4 of a margarita I shared with my partner + Chicka Chicka Boom Boom enchiladas (9/9) – A long-time friend of my partner was so kind to pick us up from the airport. We wanted to treat him to lunch and catch up while we were in town 🙂 Chuy’s is a great tex-mex originally from Austin.

Arlo’s Frito Pie burger (9/10) – The best burger I have ever eaten. I almost went back for another on Monday and Tuesday, but its important to try more things… right?


Taro coconut bubble tea + scallion pancake (9/11)

IMAG8936                    IMAG8937

Torchy’s Migas taco and Potato, black bean and cheese taco with avocado sauce on corn tortillas (9/12)


Shared German board and Turkey boudin in pretzel bun (9/13) – Easy Tiger in Austin fulfills my need for comfort food.


Gazpacho with garlic bread (9/7)

Napa cabbage + green onion + egg stir fry with kimchi (9/8)

Holy Macaroni + 10 Chicken Wings with Fire in the Hole, Spicy Ranch, Ginger Peach Sriracha and Gochujang sauces + Sweet potato fries + Austin East Cider (9/9) – the catching up from lunch lead to watching the LSU football game at an establishment my partner and his friend frequented a lot during their college years, Pluckers (originally from Austin, but they are also in Baton Rouge). I realized at the end of the night that every time I am with my partner’s college friends we eat Mexican food and Pluckers.

IMAG8892          IMAG8893

Conference food (9/10-12) – Since we were in Austin for a conference my partner was attending, there was free food and this is where I tried to get in plenty of veggies. I ate entirely vegetarian for these events. BTW, why are conference desserts so gross?


Salt Lick 3 Meats platter shared (9/13) – At the airport my partner saw BBQ, so we shared the largest meal to save money.


Snacks/Dessert – Not going to be good…

Watermelon (9/7-8)

Chocolate Mint Chunk Quest bar (9/7)

512 Pecan Porter (9/9)

VooDoo doughnuts (9/10) – Buttermilk bar, Mexican Hot Chocolate cake doughnut and Vegan Maple yeast doughnut were the flavors I choice.


Capital City Bakery cupcakes (9/11) – I can not go to Austin without stopping here. Chocolate pistachio, Peanut Butter, Carrot Pumpkin and Mexican Hot Chocolate were the flavors I picked up this trip.


S’mores bar (9/12) – The only thing I have ever had from Sugar Mama’s that I think is worth buying, there cupcakes are just not good enough from the price in my opinion, too sweet.


Mexican Vanilla and Dark Chocolate from Amy’s ice cream (9/13)

Conference desserts that I either ate a bit of or all of (9/10-12) – Only the one pictured below was worthy of eating.



Trail walk with my friend and her kiddos (9/7)

Yoga + Riverwalk (9/8) – I have been trying to focus on a few poses at a time lately. I felt like I was not as aware of my body anymore when practicing yoga, but I trying to remind myself to do so.

Walking (9/9-13) – I walked a lot while in Austin. I went to the Bullock History Museum and the Botanical Gardens. I also just love walking around neighborhoods.

Yoga class at Practice Yoga Austin (9/11) – Best yoga class experience I have ever had and I did my first headstand!!!!

So next week will be healthier, I promise. Plus, I got sick at the end of this trip so I need all the micro-nutrients I can get.


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