Preparing to Move

I am moving and although I have feelings of anxiety over the matter, it will be great to wake up next to one of my best friends daily and share our daily lives together. Also… looking forward to have all our belongings under one roof, no longer confusing where a condiment or pantry supply is and paying one set of bills!

We have been living in semi-neighboring cities for about 5 years now. Easy drive in 2 hours or less, however no decent place in the middle for each to commute from and too far for one of us to affordably commute from one city long term. Albeit, I get the joy of commuting 4+ hours a day for the month of August. At least I can sleep or do things on the train.

With the fact that I do not have a gig lined up after the last day of August and we will be moving again within ~6 months, we needed to make this move as cheap as possible to be within our means. Here are some steps I have taken to make this an affordable move for us:

  • Downsize. I have been doing this in a few ways:
    • Purge. Packing up to move is the best time to sort through one’s belongings because who really wants to not have to pack and haul everything.
      • In our case, we have duplicates between the two apartments. No one needs 2 toasters, 2 microwaves, etc., therefore I either sold, donated or gave away these items. I do not want to just throw things away when they are still good items. Plus, I made a few dollars and our landfills were saved from additional non-biodegradable waste.
      • I especially took this opportunity to take clothes/shoes/accessories that no longer fit or that I simply dislike to a resale shop and then donated what was left to a place like Goodwill. Goodwill recycles the items that are not in good condition, unlike most of the more accessible donation bins around town. Thus, saving our overflowing landfills again (I try to do what I can and after researching it, Goodwill seems like the best and most accessible option for donating with the least amount of waste, but please tell me if you know of a better option).
    • Sell as much furniture as possible. To avoid getting a truck to have to move ALL the things and to make a bit of money, we sold most of the furniture at my place through Craigslist. My dresser and TV stand sold within an hour of me posting them. Last thing I have to sell is my bed, which I have waited to post anything about to have something to sleep on for a bit longer.
  • Bring items with me each visit. Since I knew for a while that I would be moving back in with my partner and we visit each other at least once every 2 weeks, we have been working slowing to move things back. My last day in my lease I will only have a large suitcase to hop on the train with.

I have one week left in my place. It is bittersweet to leave this city and all the things I have grown to love here, but my future looks bright.

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