Summer is Here!

The first official day of Summer for the Northern Hemisphere of Earth was this past Wednesday, June 21st. It is the longest day of the year for us North of the Equator. This is the start of my favorite half of the year. I live for the Summer and Fall seasons. The produce, weather, activities, etc. are my favorite! Here are some thing I am looking forward to this Summer:

Seasonal Produce

I can not wait for all the produce that Summer brings. I love berries (especially raspberries) and tomatoes which are now coming into season! Other vegetables and fruits in my region to look forward to are Cherries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Melons, Stone fruits, Cucumbers, Squash, Corn, Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes, Apples and Pears! Most of my meals during the summer are fresh and lack grains, which makes me feel more comfortable in the warmer weather. I feel like I crave more grains and fats in cold weather, while the Summer makes me want to eat lighter fare.



With my life changes in motion this Summer, I have been reassessing my goals both personally and professionally. To recap… at the end of July, I am moving in with my partner in his city about 90 min away and will mostly telecommute for my last month of work.

First, I have much I need to accomplish before I finish up my position. I want to complete my role in these grants the best way possible. Leadership is a feather I really want to work on in these last two months. However, starting September 1st, I am planning to take a full month off from working. Our human resources manager highly recommends you do this between jobs. Although I may have more than a month off from a full time job, I want to make sure I take appropriate time off to plan out my next steps in life.

Plus, I could really use some time to just be a human and take part in passions I may not have felt I had time for the past few years. Perhaps take some classes for fun (yoga, Spanish, pastry, etc.) or explore the Great Lakes regain more before we may move we or travel to see friends and family. I mainly want this time for myself because leaving this position feels overwhelming and emotions like sadness and bewilderment have been coming up. I want to respect those feelings.

Fitness Changes

Recently, I have not been feeling great during or after my runs. It could be that I just need new running shoes, which I am looking for now. However, I am concerned I may be pushing myself too hard to do something that does not serve me at this moment in time. I had bumped up my running milage, but I am taking a step back for now. This change, however, actually means addressing my mindset as a runner.

Before I started running, I thought folks were crazy to run in the rain/snow/heat or to run very long distances. After… I questioned whether I had an addiction to the runner’s high. I think it is more that runners that can develop this mindset, which can happen with other people demoted to an activity and wanting to push themselves. This mindset though, is best described as “if I cut back I will lose my progress and have to start over.”

I have seen with so many folks on YouTube, Instagram, and even my friends ‘in real life’, that change is good. Doing the same thing all the time can get boring. Your progress can become stagnant. Not taking breaks can cause injury. Pushing yourself too hard when you are not enjoying it can cause stress. I still love running. I do not want to get to a point of hating it. So I am going to focus on other forms of fitness for the time being (i.e. yoga, strength training and maybe cycling) that I am appreciating.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Share in the comments below!

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