Life Changes

Honestly, I am not in the best place right now. These emotions always rise when I experience major changes in my life: family rifts, moving away to college, transitioning to graduate school, or living alone for the first time. It seems to have a connection with feeling as though I have no control over my situation.

I am going to get straight to what is going on. My position is losing funding at the end of August. This is not uncommon with grant funded non-profit work. I have known this for a while, but was hopeful that new funding would come up or I might be able to change positions at my institution. Unfortunately, I will be moving on.

My partner will be finishing his PhD likely at the end of this year or early 2018. It may not be the perfect line up for a transition, but it should work. Part of me knows this will be good for us. Overall, I will be happy to have one home, but sad to be leaving my institution and the work I have been doing.

All these emotions have influenced me to make poor health choices, which in turn makes me feel like I need to push myself harder than I should. I have been bloated and uncomfortable a lot lately. Emotional eating borderline binging has taken place. I have been hard on myself. I am not making life easy on myself.

I am working on these behaviors though. I do not like feeling poorly. I want to be happy. I know things will work out. When my partner begins interviewing I will have locations to look for a job in. I can find a part time or online position until then. Most importantly, I should use this time wisely!

I want to set goals, perfect my resume, minimize our belongings, do some recipe testing, enjoy life, travel, hang out with family and move a lot in the sunlight! My current office has no windows, so I am really looking forward to all the vitamin D.

Do you have any recommendations? How have you dealt with these kind of changes?



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