Minimizing My Life

Since my last year of graduate school (2012/2013), I have come to find that owning less saves me a lot of money. It just makes sense that if you do not buy a lot and therefore own a lot of things you have spent less. There is also a lot of push to purchase things and do things that are luxuries. They are not necessary for your life. You can live without them and still be happy, especially in a small city apartment.

One of my goals this year is to simplify the products and material items I own. Not just to save money, but to refocus on what is important in life. I had gotten carried away at one point buying stuff to mask or “resolve” depression. It did not help. The item would only temporarily distract me from my pain. This realization helped me turn toward fitness.


My jumping on this sort of minimalist notion really grew in my head from an experience at the Henry Ford Museum. They have an exhibit that takes you through the history of the automobile and there is a section discussing the change in American society that brought about luxury features to your vehicle, I just had a “whoa” moment. I stood there surprised that one placard in a museum exhibit spurred an epiphany of how I was wasting money.

I am not looking to get rid of everything and be one of those Zero Waste movement folks, but they can be inspiring toward reducing your life, consumption and rubbish. To aid me in reaching this goal of mine, I have found some great inspirational minimalists I have started following and some helpful articles to guide myself to reduce the clutter:

5351835512165276400Do you have any resources you recommend on this subject? I am in the process of looking for a good book. I will be checking out a few this weekend from my public library. Please do share in the comments below any tips you have or your story of realizing you should minimize.


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