Simple Meals to Stay Healthy the Easy Way

I have found the best way to clean up my diet is to keep meals simple. You do not need to make crazy elaborate meals to make a change and often when you do, you think, “I just cannot keep this up between cost of all the different little ingredients and the time it takes to prepare and cook.”

In the US culture today, both partners usually have to work to maintain a quality life and there are so many activities to keep up with. Even my friends who are stay at home parents, have shared with me the stress of all the tasks that need to be done on top of preparing meals throughout the day. It seems so easy to fall into the habit of grabbing the pre-prepared, processed foods.

However, a simple baked potato topped with breakfast sausage and steamed kale or mixed vegetables can be an affordable, well balanced and delicious meal! Plus, you can prepare many of them at a single time for the whole week. Reheat any day of the week for a bit in the microwave or toasted oven for a quick meal. #MealPrep If you like additional toppings it does not take much effort or time to add some mustard and sauerkraut; salsa and cheese; greek yogurt and ranch seasoning, etc..

On top of the time and financial savings, simple meals could be easier for you to digest. I learned that I do not digest multiple types of proteins well, specifically the combination of beans and animal proteins. My doctor explained that it could be resulting in me not absorbing all the protein I consumed! In addition, I know it makes me extremely bloated and gassy. When I eat beans without meat and cheese, I have zero problems.

So if you are finding it a struggle to keep up with your healthy eating goals, try simplifying your meals. Do you have any go to 5 ingredient of less meals? Share in the comments below! Here are 5 simple meals I like to prepare:

  1. Stir fry: 1 lb green beans + 1/2 brick of tempeh chopped / crumbled + 1 t sesame oil + 1 T Sriracha + splash of soy sauce
  2. Grain-free parfait: 1 c plain Greek yogurt + 1 piece of fruit + 1 oz chopped nuts + sprinkle of cinnamon
  3. Stuffed baked potato: 1 russet potato baked + 3 oz of ground turkey / turkey breakfast sausage + 1 c steamed kale + mustard + sauerkraut
  4. Oatmeal raisin cookie oats: 40g plain oats + 1 c water + 1 oz raisins + 1 oz nuts of choice + 1/2 t cinnamon
  5. Omelet: 2 eggs + 1 c steamed vegetables + 1 oz cheese + unsweetened ketchup


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