There are plenty of blog posts and healthcare research advising you all on the benefits of drinking water, here are some:

However, I am going to share my journey toward drinking more water and what I have experienced from doing so.

I did not always drink as much water as I do now (I drink about a gallon of water a day). I grew up in a household that spent way too much money on soda. I remember feeling immense joy when I would drink a Coke® cola, grape or orange soda. There were many days of my childhood where I would drink milk and soda only. It seemed like almost every family was doing this. With the exception of my best friend’s family. They had a spring water dispenser in their kitchen and enjoyed soda maybe once per day.

With the influence of family friends and carrying water bottles becoming popular, I had stopped drinking soda regularly by my first year of college. I would have some every once and a while, but only because Coke® provided a grant to my school so it was handed out for free at many events. In graduate school, I was maybe having soda once a year at Thanksgiving when family just handed it to me. As of now I can not remember the last time I had a soda. I really do not enjoy heavily carbonated beverages anymore.

I got into drinking more water mostly for the sake of saving money. I realized I rather spend my money on solid food that sustained me and just fill up my water bottle at the drinking fountain. Once I considered the cost, it really did not seem worth it to buy juices, soda, etc.. Dairy and soy Milk at least provides protein and fat, and can be used in cooking. Sweet beverages feel pointless to me now.

The big changes I noticed between my adolescence where I drank a lot of sugary beverages and now drinking mostly water are:

  • Dental cavity production has greatly decreased. I have only need filling replacements for the most part.
  • I am a healthy weight.
  • I do not feel bloated and gassy all the time.
  • My energy is higher than it was in my childhood!
  • I know the difference between dehydration and hunger. I also can feel when I have not had enough water because it affects my cognition and digestion.
  • I urinate a lot more. Not necessarily more frequent, but a lot in one go.

Overall, it has greatly improved my health and recommend people to drink more water all the time! Are you trying to drink more water? Or do you have any must read articles or blog posts on the benefits of drinking water? How have you made the switch to drinking more water than other beverages? Share in the comments below!



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