Happy Holidays! My Plans Today

Although, I do not currently practice any particular religion, I respect everyone’s spiritual beliefs. However, since I was raised in a Catholic household, I celebrate Christmas with my family. I thought it would be fun to detail what I am doing for the holiday I follow. My day in general is filled with love and tasty food, so here we go!

What I am doing today!


I am starting off my day with a run and lower workout, followed by some holiday breakfast.

I will get cleaned up and wake up my family to feed them and help them get ready for our traditional eggnog and cookies with our closest family friends. We toast to a blessed year and the new year while we share a lot of love.

We usually open gifts before a light lunch.


We just sit around and chat while watching holiday movies and playing games (both of the board and video varieties).


We end the day at a long time family friend’s house. We have known these folks since my Mother was a baby and this is my opportunity to catch up with them all each year since I no longer live in my hometown.

What I am eating today!

Check out my Instagram today to see exactly what I eating because I am going to try to post  pictures of everything I consume. Just know, today is special so I am eating sweets, but I try to focus on just enjoying food until I am comfortably full. However this is how Christmas day typically goes:

Breakfast: Tea, Rolls, Eggnog and cookies

Early Dinner: Turkey sandwiches with Brie and Cranberry Sauce

Dessert: Pie


Before bed: Traditional Medicinals Belly Comfort / Eater’s Digest tea

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones! And please feel welcomed to share your holiday traditions in the comments below! I am always curious to learn more about different cultures than mine 🙂

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