Gratitude Practice

With Thanksgiving approaching I like to focus on what I am grateful for in life. It is a good time start a gratitude practice, meaning something you do regularly to reflect on where you are bless in life. Last year, I started a journal where at the end of each day I jotted down at least 3 things I appreciated about my life and that current day. It helped me go to bed on a positive note and I found myself disconnecting before bed to make the time to write detailed entries. Occasionally, I rushed or felt drained, but the practice of doing this usually helped turn that feeling around.


This year I feel like I need this more than ever due to stressful events. So I am going to write a letter to someone I love and appreciate every week or maybe everyday… the frequency I am trying to figure out, but I feel like every week gives me the time to write something truly thoughtful. I will likely type out my letters to refine what I want to say, but then hand write the letter to send. I have plenty of stationary from college when I wrote a lot of letters. Plus, it is exciting to get real mail!

Through all the negative things I know I am so fortunate to have those who support and love me. Even when I am physically alone, they connect with me regularly and when I am lucky to see them in person they fill my cup with joy. Some of these people I am so blessed that they helped guide me from the dark places I found myself in during my adolescence that I hardly know how to thank them as much as I feel they deserve to be, which is why I try to be the best person I can be to show them I do not take what they did for me for granted.

Do you have or plan to do a gratitude practice? What do you do? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Practice

  1. Andi says:

    That’s a great practice! Sounds like a wonderful way to end the day. I hate going to bed sad or angry so your idea seems like a great way to focus on positivity and help to clear your mind of the bad or negative things that may have happened that day!

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