The Other 5-20%

I have said that 80-95% of the time I eat food I made from home that I can properly digest and I knew I wanted to post about what I do the other 5-20% of the time. I really devote those meals to eating with friends and family. It can be nice to not think about all the ingredients in your food once in a while. Occasionally, I can still eat right for me while doing this, but when it comes to potlucks, food prepared by someone else and eating out that is highly unlikely.

I can make choices, such as skipping dessert, alcohol or anything that is likely sweetened to lessen the blow, but on occasions like Christmas I will just eat as I please and then focus on the strategies I mentioned in How I Recover from an IBS Flare Up for a while after. I do not believe that every meal you eat has to be the healthiest thing in the world. I work hard, eat right most of the time and exercise regularly so I deserve a treat every now and then. If I had a food allergy I would avoid that completely, I am not trying to be hospitalized. I am allergic to bananas, plantains, and hemp seeds.

Let me translate this and do the math for you to get a better picture of what I means. I eat ~5 times a day. I get hungry every 3 hrs or so since I eat smaller meals to keep my gut happy. This means that I have 2-7 meals per week that I do not make my food from scratch. What do I eat? Usually I will have processed snack foods like fries, the new Bollywood popcorn from TJs, Bhu/RX bars or a meal out. Last week:

  • Potluck dinner at Wednesday night Summer Bingo
  • Friday evening through Sunday afternoon lunch and dinner out with my partner and a friend while we were road tripping to Green Bay for college football.


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