At Home Workouts

Screenshot 2016-08-08 18.12.33I prefer a free workout, I like to get it out of the way first thing in the morning and I need it take less than an hour long to get to work on time. So at home workouts are perfect for me to get in a great workout without the rush in the AM or bit out of my budget. Here are a few easily accessible workouts I have followed and a little review on on each of them. Also, share below your favorite free workouts!

YouTube (YT)

YT is a wonderful place to find at home workouts. There are so many variety of things to chose from too! You just need to look for YouTubers who do activities you enjoy and motivate you to keep going. I love doing yoga and resistance training. I also like positive, fun, unique individuals to fuel my determination. So here are a few of my favorites:

Yoga With Adriene (YWA or Adriene Mishler)

Adriene is a yogi who releases a new video every week (although I believe she takes August off). She is most certainly my favorite YouTuber! Her videos range from beginner to intermediate and she brings a fun, quirky personality to the experience. I appreciate her trademark phrase of, “Find What Feels Good.” It reminds me that I am doing this for me, so I should take my time and modify the positions where I need to. It is not a race to be able to bend and stretch in all sorts of crazy ways. She really teaches that if you relish the journey, you will reap more rewards as you continue your practice. I have been following her channel since her first year on YT and I hope to meet her one day. 🙂

Tone It Up (Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott)

Karena and Katrina started out providing workouts on YT and for LIVESTRONG Women. They are very open and easy going gals who love to inspire other women to feel good about themselves. I really appreciate their positive attitudes during their workouts, which makes the experience fun. I was lucky enough to meet these gals in person at their Chicago book signing last year. Their book features 28 days of positivity and self evaluation along with recipes and workouts to help you get in the right mind set to make a permanent change toward a healthier lifestyle. They have developed a nutrition plan you can follow with the workouts, which I have the nutrition plan and can review that in a future post if anyone is interested. Tone It Up has had huge success and although their nutrition plan and gear costs money, most of their workouts are completely free on YT and/or their website!

Sarah Fit (Sarah Dussault)

Sarah is a Boston based health and fitness guru who provides recipes and workouts on her YT channel. She recently had a baby and has shown her whole pre and post-natal fitness lifestyle. What I love most about her is her realness. You can count of her to tell you how it is. For instance, in her video on why she stopped running toward the end of her pregnancy, she described it as, “it gets extremely uncomfortable down there…, imagine someone walked up to you and kicked you really hard in the crotch area.” She has a great sense of humor, which makes her fun to follow. She also does more realistic grocery hauls, where she includes the Scandinavian Swimmers she picked up while I Trader Joe’s.

Buff Bunny (Heidi Somers)

Heidi is an athlete who shares her life, motivation and workouts on YT and Instagram. She is a very positive and energetic fit gal who focuses on body building. She features an “operation booty” program you can get tips from on how to build a better butt or keep the one you have in shape. I appreciate that she is a body builder that is more natural than most. She has achieved an strong body without steroids. She focuses on proper training and eat right with treat days occasionally. It is so cute how much she loves donuts and her pitbull, Nero!

Fitness Guides

Bikini Body Guide (BBG)

This is a 12 week program of circuit training designed by Kayla Itsines. She developed it to work multiple areas of your body throughout a period of a week and the circuits are done using a unique tabata timer. This program also includes a regular walking routine, called Low-Intensity Sustained State (LISS), to give you some light cardio to help reduce fat. It is set up for you to just follow a set schedule each week, but she explains that you can make it work for your life by just changing the days around. She has released 3 different rounds (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) and I feel they are quite different experiences.

I started this with a friend just after Thanksgiving 2015 doing BBG 1.0. After my first workout I felt what many of her followers call “death by Kayla,” but after talking with my friend I realized I was not focused enough on form and was really pushing myself beyond my limits. We went almost none stop through 1.0 and 2.0. I do not recommend doing that. If you purchase the rounds take a week off in between, your body NEEDS rest occasionally. I also found it challenging to do any other workouts while following this guide.

I have a love hate relationship with BBG. I love the strength it helped me build in the slightly over 6 month period I did it and if you eat to be fit along with following it you will see great results in a short period of time. However, I found myself dreading my workout. Although I felt stronger, I mentally was not getting the happiness other fitness activities gave me. Presently, I occasionally do a BBG workout or incorporate some of the moves I learned into my routine, but I will likely never follow the BBG program again.


There are endless personal trainers and health coaches on Instagram. They will post about what they eat in a day, healthy tips, recipes, their fitness guides (usually with coupon codes) or even full workouts! Here are a few of my favorites right now:

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