Positivity Can Work Wonders

IMAG6346I have been focused on my mental health my entire adulthood. As I said in my introductory blog post, I grew up in a rough family situation. The negativity I experienced daily had an impact on my relationships, interest in school and overall demeanor. I was fortunate enough to have some wonderful people in my life though that showed me love and understanding. They through their kindness helped me realize I did not want my life to continue to be negatively impacted by what I had been through.

Going away to college allowed me to be removed from the endless family drama, which made a huge difference in behavior. I have also taken my yoga practice and mediation more seriously. This has help me become more conscious of myself and present in my life. I found a lot of power in being confident and spreading positivity. It can help change your day, as well as the day of those you connect with.

For instance, I try to regularly message people I feel close to to wish them a good day or week in the morning to start of my day by spreading some love. I try to smile at and greet people I run past in the morning, even though city folks usually respond with a funky look.  I try my best to spend some time each week to focus all the things I’m grateful for in life. Doing these seemingly little things has improved my mood and made me genuinely happy.

Now, I am realistic. I know no one can be happy and positive all the time. There are moments when you need to mourn or address negativity in your life. At the moment there seems to be so much hate and violence in the world between the recent shootings in the States and terrorist attacks across Europe. I do not ignore these things. However, I feel taking out my sorrow in a negative way does not improve the situation. I have hope that issues can be resolved and pray that love will preserver over hate.

I choose to respond to hate and negativity with spreading love. Even if you had a rough day today, each day is a blank canvas and you have the opportunity to change your tomorrow. How have you kept things positive? Share in the comments below. Hope you have a beautiful start to your week!



2 thoughts on “Positivity Can Work Wonders

  1. Mark Hudson says:

    Agree, agree, agree, and positive is more fun then negative. Anyone can be negative but it takes special people to be positive and to spread it around. You are right about your take on “city people”, they do sometimes just give you a blank stare when you say “Hi, have a nice day”. What they don’t realize is that I mean it and it helps me, LOTS. That is not going to stop me, in fact I try even harder, kind of a challenge.


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